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En garde!
Recent Entries 
29 Oct - *sigh*
Clothes, Attitude
Did you know that the mountains make excellent focal points for meditation?
27 Sep - Dull Life
I'm a fighter
Had a dream with Zett. Told me to stop drooling over the Senator of Alderaan. Told him to shut up.
22 Sep - WHOA
Hair- Yes it's messy, Sweaty, Nervous
Oh. My. FORCE.

Senator Bail Organa?

Hair- Yes it's messy, Sweaty, Nervous
Alderaan is nice, though I can't say that the clothes the Queen picked out for Olin are. She has him wearing some ruffled purple thing that's supposed to be a shirt and some kind of divided skirt with a lined pattern. At least she didn't ask him to wear that unlined satin dress again I may not have been able to take my eyes off his legs otherwise.

Xiaan has gone off shopping. I offered to go with her, but she said that I should probably stay close to the Palace, since she had a lot of walking to do. I was kind of hurt- I mean, I'm not 100%, but I'm not dead either.

So I've been wandering around the library. Wow, the library is amazing; it reminds me so much of the Temple library. Hm, I wonder if I can find my personal records from the Temple in there...
29 Aug - Hung Up
::stares at the unfamiliar garment, aghast::

What is this? And which way is up?
16 Aug - Hot in Here
Drink up
So I'm on the Eagle. Olin is fiddling around in the cockpit, preparing for takeoff, and Xiaan is on her way with some supplies.

The last time I was in a ship was when I was rescued. Those aren't exactly happy memories there, and I seem to have stuck my foot in my mouth a million times since then, and they all seem to be incidents related to one Ferus Olin. Well all that's done. All I need to do now is behave. How hard can that be?
Hair- Yes it's messy, Sweaty, Nervous
::standing at the end of the Eagle's extended ramp::

"Um, knock knock?"

:oh, this is dumb. i should just go back inside::
04 Aug - Buh?
Hair- Yes it's messy, Sweaty, Nervous
Ferus Olin wants me to go with him to Alderaan.

I'm so confused.

ohForce, what would Master Drallig say?
28 Jul - Musing
Hair- Yes it's messy, Sweaty, Nervous
I'm wondering if I should take the sevieria plant to the greenhouse; maybe it would like to be around other plants?
21 Jul - Huh?
I found this scribbled on a piece of flimsi on my pillow, underneath a flower.

Some like them red, others like them blue
I haven't any preference - tell me, do you?

Is this about lightsabers?
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